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Going for a tour in the middle of covid pandemic? Find out what to do and what not to do.


It’s too hot. However, due to restrictions, it is not possible to go to many places now. Visiting some tourist spots is again permitted. But going to a few recreational resorts by the sea or in the quiet forest or on the outskirts of the city is possible. But in the realm of the corona pandemic, you need to know how to stay safe when traveling in middle of this covid pandemic.

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Planning and packing

  • You can go for corona testing before traveling. Besides Aadhaar card, many hotels are taking booking after seeing the test report.
  • Some hotels or tour companies advising not to bring adults and children. Wherever you go, find out if there are any rules.
  • Find out how the hotel’s laundry system. If you go to the site seeing, after returning there will be no risk of washing your own clothes.
  • Find out whether hosts are changing bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains, cushions after checking out? Or, asking the guest to bring his own bed linen, towel, etc.
  • Carry essential medicines, extra masks, gloves, disposable wipes, head covers, soap and adequate sanitizer.
  • Make digital payments as much as possible.
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traveling in middle of this covid pandemic

What I want to do

  • Sanitize all the places where more hands are used, as soon as you enter the hotel room. Such as door or cupboard handle, drawer, TV remote etc.
  • After leaving the hotel room, wear a mask and hair cover. Wear sunglasses. Coming back from outside and take a bath, wash clothes.
  • Travel in your own car. It is better to drive by yourself. If using local vehicles or launch or jeep for a safari, disinfect the seating area.
  • It has been specified to which area tourists can come to the place of interest. Very few people are being allowed in. The circle has been painted with chalk on the ground so that everyone remembers the social distance even when traveling without it. Stay within that ‘goal line’.
  • There is no evidence that food is spreading the disease. However, bring food to the hotel room and eat.
  • Before opening a food packet or a water bottle, wash your hands and face with soap. “
  • Use stairs to go up and coming down. Less climbing on the escalator is better.
  • Many beaches are also empty now. So there is no problem in bathing in the sea.

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Barriers and prohibitions

  • Find out if the residents of the area object tourists. Sensitive areas, villages far from the city or areas inhabited by forest tribes should not be disturbed.
  • Do not stay in AC all the time.
  • Keep the windows open.
  • Avoid spa rooms, swimming pools.
  • Be careful not to go near other people.
  • When you go out, you don’t touch your eyes, face and nose
  • Do not spread sanitizer on food.
  • If there is any discomfort in the body, do not go for a walk without informing the doctor. Even if you are not infected with corona, it can be difficult to get treatment for other ailments.

traveling in middle of this covid pandemic

Changing hotel

  • According to travel agents, the solution used in hospitals is now being used by many hotels to keep the entire premises clean.
  • The temperature of guests and staff is being measured daily.
  • There is a gap between each table in the dining area.
  • The calling bell is on the table.
  • The menu is going to be ordered via Smartphone.
  • Soap, shampoo, mask and sanitizer are provided when guests check in.
  • Wash basin and disinfectant spray have been installed on each floor.
  • Many have turned off the option of outdoor sports.



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