We were leaving Arunachal Pradesh that day. We would complete our Dirang sightseeing and then reaching Rangapara North Railway Station in the evening. Our road map would be Dirang-Bomdila-Rupa-Jigaon-Shergaon-Rangapara.

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DAY-8 Dirang sightseeing

In  Dirang we stayed at NRC Yak Guest House. National Research Center on Yak, an organization of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research ICAR was endorsed in 1985 under the VIIth Five Year Plan. Its fundamental Office-cum-private complex was at Dirang. For complete review of stay click below link-


The National Research Centre on Yak was located above the main town. The center also had a yak farm at Nyukmandung about 31 km from Dirang. The center conducted research on genetic resources, problems associated with production. It also undertook research on improvement of yak and its products through selection and breeding with exotic frozen semen.

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The research center could be visited with permission from authority by tourists. This must visit tourist attraction at Dirang had a collection of more than 150 yaks of different varieties. This National Research Centre was solely dedicated for overall improvement of Yak husbandry and upliftment. National Research Center on Yak is only walking distance from our guest house. As the day was Sunday we had to skip visiting the research center. We got ready to left Arunachal that day. But on the way we first visited Thupsung Dhargye Ling Monastery.

Thupsung Dhargye Ling was a temple and learning institute for the study of Tibetan Buddhism by laypeople and monks, located in the Himalayan village of Dirang, India. The name, Thupsung Dhargye Ling was coined by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama and means: “Place of Flourishing of the Buddha’s Speech”.

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama sacred the temple on April 5, 2017.  Thupsung Dhargye Ling is a hub of Tibetan culture to ensure that the Buddha’s speech may flourish for future generations.

A grand new monastery, overlooking Dirang valley. Sophisticated decorations, lovely views enchanted our minds. In the first floor small restaurant selling some packaged snacks, maggi, tea, and coffee, and some were seating to enjoy the view from there. We had to climb first 2 floors to get to the main courtyard that is in front of the prayer hall. Located close to Dirang town and no entry fees required here.

With all due respect to the divinities, this one was the best Monastery of the many monasteries visited during my Arunachal Pradesh tour. It was newly constructed on a mountain. Artistically designed, cleaned, very nicely maintained (as seen in photos) with lot of vegetation and flowers, bounded by beautiful mountains, had a great scenic view.

The main monastery building was well designed, painted in bright colors, and looks beautiful overall. Since it was on a hillside, there are several levels. It has good views of the Dirang valley. The Indo Tibetan Border Force camp was visible on the opposite hill top. We spent there nearly 45 minutes and then we started for Rangapara North Rail Station. We followed Dirang-Bomdila-Rupa-Shergaon-Rangapara North route. First we reached Bomdila and had our lunch at L. K. Restaurant at center point. For detail review click below link-


Then we reached Rupa. Rupa was a small hill station, which situated on the banks of the winding Tenga River. Tourists could enjoy a scenic view of the hills and the Tenga River. A morning or evening drive around the Rupa border was spectacular.  The natural beauty at the places not only touched our minds but our soul even.

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On the way I have seen local people cultivating vegetables. Some major crops of Arunachal Pradesh were paddy, millet, wheat, pulses, potatoes, sugarcane, oilseeds, and maize. The agriculture in Arunachal Pradesh also comprised of production of few prevalent vegetables such as sweet potatoes, brinjal, ginger, chillies, pumpkin, cucumber, cabbages, sweet potatoes and local cow pea.

Another thing I have noticed of unorganized cultivation of Ganja plant in Arunachal Pradesh mainly when we were coming back from Rupa. Driver Raju drew my attention by informing me that organized cultivation and harvesting of ganja for commercial purposes in Arunachal Pradesh was a new trend. But there were many unorganized cultivation also going on mainly on government land.

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We were passing through many villages. Few of them I still remembered were Jigaon, Shergaon etc.In the evening around 6 pm we reached Rangapara North Rail Station. Rangapara North Junction railway station was a main railway station in Assam. From there we would move to Guwahati, Assam.

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