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Today morning we got up little bit late, around 7 am. After brushing teeth just I attempted to sip my first morning tea, somebody knocked the door. After opening the door we saw our new driver Raju arrived. Though he called me yesterday after reaching Tawang. He told that rest of Arunachal tour he would drive our vehicle. He also told to get ready within 9 am. Around 9.30 we started our journey towards Dirang. Our route would be- Tawang-Jang or Nuranang Falls-Sela Pass-Sangti Valley-Dirang. I went near the glass window. Finally, the day came to leave Tawang, the Buddhist town of Arunachal Pradesh. Today we decided to cover the Jang fall and Sangti valley on our return journey to Dirang.  In our 50 kms Dirang tour first we visited Nuranang Falls.

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DAY 7 – Dirang tour

Nuranang Falls or Jang Falls or Bong Bong Falls was located in the Tawang of Arunachal Pradesh. Jang fall was located 32 km away from Tawang in a place named Jang before reaching Sela Pass.  Jang falls or Nuranang Falls a grand waterfall fell down from a height of 100 meters.

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It was one of the most spectacular waterfalls in eastern India, yet was unknown to many travelers. It was located about 2 kilometres away from the town of Jang on the road connecting Tawang and Bomdila, so it was also known as the Jang Falls. There was a small hydel plant located near the base that generates electricity for local use. The Nuranang River originates from the Northern slopes of the Sela Pass, just below the waterfall it falls to the Tawang River.

According to a popular saga, Nuranang river and Nuranang falls are named after a local Monpa girl named Nura who had helped a soldier, Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat,  in the 1962 Sino-Indian War and was later arrested by the Chinese forces. It became widespread when a song from the movie Koyla featuring Bollywood actor Sahrukh Khan and actress Madhuri Dixit, ‘Tanhai Tanhai Tanhai’ was shot here and at Sangetsar Lake in 1997. It was the first shot in this state for a Bollywood movie.

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Nuranang Falls or Jang Falls

The second one was a song named “mitha mitha” from ‘Hiya Diya Niya'(English meaning-exchange of mind) is an Assamese romantic movie directed by Munin Barua and produced under Pooja Motion Pictures. Music was composed by Zubeen Garg. It was released on 25 February 2000.

We spent there near about half an hour and started our journey towards Sela Pass. After crossing Sela Pass and Jaswant Garh the spectacular hills of Dirang valley began to appear. 

Before reaching Dirang a gorgeous drive through picturesque pastures and hills took one to Sangti valley.  As we drove through the small alley that leads to Sangti valley twisting river accompanied us.  Charismatic paddy fields and grazing cattle and small farms near the river made us astonished. This was one of the spectacular drives so far. Sangti Valley situated approximately 35 kms from Tawang.

Sangti Valley was not a well-known tourist destination in Arunachal Pradesh. This must visit place was a perfect destination for holidaying with your family. This heavenly hill station was surrounded by beautiful hilly ranges and it was always blessed with a pleasant weather with light showers.

Around this valley you could witness interesting features like various fruit orchids and interesting birds. A birdwatcher’s paradise, Sangti Valley was the place to be on early winter mornings for spotting black-necked cranes that migrate here in November and December from China. Surrounded by orchards laden with apples, kiwis and oranges, the valley would leave you mesmerized for hours.

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Dirang had lot of homestays and hotels to suit everyone. The hotels alongside the Kameng River offer an awesome view of the valley and foothill of Eastern Himalaya. We opted to stay at NRC Yak Guest House Dirang for the night. NRC Yak Guest House Dirang was located in a picturesque location overlooking the Dirang valley and Himalayan ranges. Scenic surroundings and colorful flower on the pathway made this resort spectacular. The quality of food and the comfort it offered was more than its price. For detail review click below link-



The small hamlet of Dirang hypnotized us with its beauty. It was situated on the foot of Kameng River Valley and offered us a pleasing visual treat. It was located about 45 km from Bomdila on the way to Tawang. The weather here was not very cold and quite pleasant during most of the year as told guest house caretaker Amarnath.

The view of Dirang from guest house was mesmerizing in itself. There was a bridge over the river Kameng and on the other side we witnessed beautiful paddy land. The Dirang market could also be a good place to spend an evening to buy local souvenirs. Though there were several attractions that can occupy you for a half day tour, most tourists hardly found any time to enjoy the local place as this had ended up being a one-night destination only.

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Being a region closed to Bhutan, I noticed the influence of the neighboring Buddhist nation in Dirang. About 5km before the town began, was the Nyingmapa Monastery. Fairly isolated from the town, the monastery offered the solitude that city dwellers seek. It followed the Nyingmapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism, and features gorgeous artwork on the interior walls. We reached there in the middle of prayers, heard the sound, which resonated for several seconds in mountains. In the evening when we were witnessing the moon at monastery we got the call from Amarnath (8414981185), caretaker of YRC Dirang Guest House. He asked us at what time we were reaching the Guest House, because he had to arrange dinner for us. So we left the monastery and reached NRC Yak Guest House Dirang.


For more info visit NRC Yak

That night was the last night of our short Arunachal Pradesh tour. I felt bad when the pictures of hectic lifestyle came in my mind. To made my mood I started listening songs of Osman Mir.

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