On DAY 2, from Itanagar we went to Nameri and stayed there at Nameri Eco Camp for one night. That detailed post I would publish in category Assam. 3rd day we started for Bomdila from Nameri. From Nameri we took Balipara- Bhalukpong Road followed by Balipara-Missamari Road. Then we took NH 13(Tawang High Way) to reach Bomdila. Here in this post mainly I discussed our Bomdila tour.

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DAY 3 Bomdila tour

From Nameri we reached Arunachal Pradesh check post at Bhalukpong. Bhalukpung is a small town located in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. A road leads to Bomdila via the Tipi Orchid Research Centre, and the inner line check post is located at Bhalukpung. Bhalukpong had also train station, connected to Rangiya Murkongselek rail line at Balipara. One pair of trains runs daily to and from here. In check post Arunachal police checked our ILP (Inner Line Permit). Then on the way we went to Tipi Orchid Research Center.

The center was found at Tipi in West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh. It is situated on the west bank of Kameng River (also known as Jia Bharoli in Assam). Tipi Orchid Research Center comprising of office buildings, orchid area, tissue culture lab., Museum, herbarium and garden. One of the most attractions of the middle is that the orchid glass house. This is created from fiberglass roof, display gallery around and a central pond with fountain. The house accommodates about one thousand exotic orchids displayed in pots, hanging baskets etc. Tipi Orchid Research Center also has a beautifully maintained large garden with a variety of visually enchanting trees, shrubs and flowers. A relaxed stroll through the grounds can soothe and revitalize.

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After that we also visited Lumum Falls. Lumum Waterfall is really a beautiful place of enjoyment with friend and relative and even with the family members. The place is hardly 5 kilometre form the Bhalukpong check gate on way to Tawang. Water fall has been named after Rani Lumum of Hrussos (Aka tribe). Lumum was married to Drulyu Dususow, the head of Gohaintain Village, After the death of Drulyu Dususow, Lumum become the “Nugom” of Gohaintain Village, because of her wisdom and morality. Lumum was referred as “Aka Rani” by research scholars & simultaneously, Government of India recognized her and invited her to visit New Delhi, the capital of India. In November 1974 because of prolonged sickness she died.

Then we did our lunch at Kesang Hotel. We reached to Ball of Fire Museum at Tenga haat. While going to Bomdila, there was an army refreshment center called “Tenga Haat”. We stopped there and had coffee and snacks. The army canteen has much good stuff and you could buy from there as well. We also visited Ball of Fire museum.

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Then we entered Bomdila. The small town of Bomdila was floating among the panoramic settings of the lofty ranges of the eastern Himalayas. Bomdila was known for its scenic surroundings along with its Buddhist monasteries and apple orchards. It additionally attracts the adventure seeker with its varied trekking trails. Bomdila used to experiences rainfall between July and September. The origin of Bomdila is lost in time. It was a locality of the kingdom of Tibet in medieval times.

Local tribal rulers and rulers from Bhutan usually dominated it from time to time. The Ahom rulers of Assam failed to interfere with the native tribes aside from punitive  raids into the social group territory. The British had declared this area of Arunachal Pradesh as restricted in 1873. The area has remained a explanation for disagreement between India and China since India gained independence in 1947. China invaded the area around Bomdila in 1962, however later withdrew its troops from the area.Then around 6.30 pm we reached to our Bomdila Holiday Hill Homestay. The detail review you can get from below link-


Day 4

Next morning we found our driver crying. I thought any bad incident happened in his home. I was also thinking of our tour program. I asked him what happened. He kept quiet. In the meantime my wife also came there. After repeated try Rabi told us that his wife ran away with her boyfriend. I asked him then what is his plan. He told me he would continue as per our tour plan. I thanked him silently.

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I remembered one of the funny stories of Mullah Nasruddin whose wife had been eloped by a lorry driver. One day when he was driving along with friend, Nasruddin got scared after seeing any lorry and stoped his car. After watching this for multiple times his friend asked him the reason. Mullah told his wife has been eloped by a lorry driver and he was scared that the driver would come to return his wife back.

We started our day by visiting Bomdila Monastery. Bomdila Monastery is also known as Gentse Gaden Rabgyel Lling monastery. Inside the Gompa, there was a huge prayer hall, which was used by the lamas for praying; the temple of Buddha, and a tiny quarter of monks. Apart from its religious significance, the monastery was also known for its natural beauty. Spectacular views that you could see from here were wonderful and stunning.

Inaugurated in 1965, this place to Buddhist monks and Lamas was the biggest attraction in Bomdila. The monastery belonged to the Mahayana Buddhism. A huge prayer hall had also, recently, been added to the structure. This monastery had three parts, Upper Gompa, Middle Gompa and Lower Gompa. Bomdila had been a place where most people were following the Buddhist religion.

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Apart from these the monastery also has quarters for the monks and they also have school where the young monks are taught about Buddhism and other subjects. Monastey had also guest house for tourist. Due to huge rush of tourists we could not get room there. But I have seen their rooms. Rooms are good and also give you a good view. To book you can contact 7085160806 in this number.

We noticed our driver Rabi was in a complete mentally disturbed state. His one hand was engaged in mobile and he was driving with his other hand. As we passing by the hilly tract I tried him to motivate several times. Even I told him to be cautious. Warned him by saying that you could get another wife but you would not get any wife if you lost your life. We were also with you. But all my attempts were in vain. Thanks to GOD we reached Tawang safe.

We finished our early lunch in a Hotel named Hotel Sange Tsering. The hotel was neat and clean and the food was also fresh. After having our lunch we reached to Dirang Hot Spring. A visit to the hot water spring on the road to Tawang from Dirang was a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The water was rich in sulpher, which made it rich in medicinal properties. Thus, people believed that it could cure all types of diseases. The hot water spring used to attract good number of people from across India.

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After leaving Dirang the real climb began as we drove up to the Sela Pass. The first stop was at Nyukmadung War Memorial – the place where a major surprise attack took place on 18 Nov 1962. The Nyukmadong War Memorial was located on a specious 1.5 acre plot of land, overlooking the famous battle ground of 18 Nov 1962. It nestled in a three tired terraced landscape with beautiful coniferous trees planted around. The main memorial is within the type of a twenty five feet high ‘Chorten’ conforming to the local attribute and traditions. Entrance looks like a main access way, to a monastery, in typical Buddhist style. On both sides of the memorial, inscriptions listing the names of officers and Jawans, who died here on that fateful day, have been erected. The memorial is staffed by JCO’s, who were more than willing to narrate detailed account of the battle. A visit to this memorial invariably turns in such a sincere occasion that every visitor leaves the place with a sad and heavy heart.

At around 3 pm we reached Sela Pass. Height of Sela Pass was about 13700 ft was one of the highest motor able passes in the world. The ride is long, winding and bumpy but the scenery was beautiful. As it got higher the weather got colder and the road gets worsen. We stopped on the way at little roadside cafe to drink coffee. The Sela Pass (more appropriately called Se La, as La means Pass) is a high-altitude mountain pass located on the border between the Tawang and West Kameng Districts of Arunachal Pradesh state in India. While Sela Pass will get significant precipitation in winters, it is usually open throughout the year. While the Border Roads Organization (BRO) of India was working to keep the pass open throughout the year, it might shut down temporarily after landslides and during heavy snow. Sela Lake is a large lake settled on the side of the pass. This lake often freezes during the winter and was drained Nuranang River, a tributary of the Tawang River.

Limited vegetation grew around the lake which was used as a grazing site for yaks during the summer. Sela Tunnel, Government of India announced the funding for construction of all-weather road transport tunnel in 2018-19 budgets. The Bhalukpong-Tawang railway tract was under construction which would also pass through here.

Sela Pass was a sacred site in Tibetan Buddhism. Buddhists believed that there were about 101 sacred lakes in and around the pass. According to legend, a jawan of the Indian Army named Jaswant Singh Rawat fought alone against the Chinese soldiers there during the 1962 Sino-Indian War. A tribal lady named Sela who had brought food and water to him is claimed to have killed her upon seeing the body of Jaswant Singh Rawat. Singh was posthumously awarded the Maha Vir Chakra for his courage and devotion to duty.

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Then we reached Jaswantgarh War Memorial around 4 pm. Jaswant Garh could be a known tourist attraction in Arunachal Pradesh and it’s widely visited all year round. Jaswant Garh was magnificently referred to as Jaswantgarh War Memorial and this memorial is garland in honor these days Jaswant Singh Rawat. He was an Indian rifleman of 4 Garhwal Rifles, Uttarakhand and for his bravery; Jaswant Rawat was honored by a memorial at the post where he fought against the Chinese army.

Jaswant Garh is found about 25 kilometers from Tawang in Nuranang district. This must visit was dotted with the camouflage pattern all over the memorial. You could make a day out of it by simply visiting the attraction and tasting along with various quick foods to keep you warm during cold weather. This popular tourist destination serves tea/coffee along with delicious samosas and pakoras to refresh the tourists.

This temple-like Jaswantgarh memorial had glass box with a portrait of the war hero and his belongings as well as the military uniform, cap, watch and belt. He was served bed tea at 4:30 am, breakfast at 9 am and dinner at 7 pm. Five Army soldiers were at his service round the clock. Life couldn’t be more comfortable for ‘Baba’ Jaswant Singh Rawat, but for the fact that he was no more. These soldiers not only served Baba. They rendered yeoman service for tourists along the hazardous portion of mountain terrain. It is quite a special moment to encounter such a heroic saga of someone who had made the supreme sacrifice to protect our motherland. Then we reached our Hotel Tawang Holiday at Tawang in the evening. For detail review click below link-



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