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25 best reasons why you should visit Nepal at least once in your lifetime


That was a typical lazy Sunday winter afternoon, and after my lunch, I took the detective novel of Satyajit Ray, ‘Joto Kando Kathmandute’ (English version- Criminals of Kathmandu). The story is about a murder of a foreigner in a Calcutta hotel who leads Feluda and his friends to Kathmandu, straight into the den of Maganlal Meghraj, their old rival. With an incident at Swayambhunath, a trap in a prayer wheel factory, a thrilling night at the casino, and a prolonged LSD-induced delusion for Jatayu, the case soon turn into an unforgettable adventure. In a dramatic climax, the detective Feluda uncovers an international racket in spurious drugs and appears victorious yet again. There the description about Kathmandu, Nepal allured me to visit the place. Later when I saw the telefilm version of the same novel I fixed the plan to visit Nepal. In this post, I will tell you the 25 best reasons why you should visit Nepal at least once in your lifetime.

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1. UNESCO world heritage sites are intensely the landmark of cultural, historical and architectural importance. Nepal is home to world heritage sites namely Sagarmatha National Park, Kathmandu valley, Chitwan National Park and Lumbini. These heritage sites are important in their own values and depict an exclusive era and authenticity of the country.

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2. Nepal is a country of contrasts. Home to 10 of the world’s 14 highest mountain peaks, the country offers a wonderful setting for hiking and mountaineering, as well as some of the world’s best white water rafting.

3. The assorted national parks of Chitwan and Bardiya incorporate lowland tropical jungles and grasslands and Nepal shelters a rich diversity of wildlife. The Royal Bengal tiger, rare snow leopard, one-horned rhino and the Himalayan black bear can be seen in the isolated national parks. Another UNESCO world heritage site, Sagarmatha National Park is situated in the eastern region dominated most parts by Mount Everest. Along with the spectacular views of Everest, you will also see Himalayan monal, blood pheasant, red panda, musk deer, and others.

4. Nepal is home to over 35 ethnic groups, each having its inimitable language, belief, festival, and art. For example, the Newar people, the earliest inhabitant of Kathmandu Valley, still speak its own language – Newari or Nepal Bhasa and observe its own festivals such as Swanti. Visiting Nepal gives you a strange opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and plunge yourself into their distinctive cultures.

5. Nepali people are unquestionably the kind hearted and warmest people you will ever meet. In Nepal, guests are considered as God. If you are a guest or visiting someone’s house, the people of the house will make sure to ask you whether you’ve eaten or do you want to eat something.

6. Thanks to its geographic and cultural variety, Nepal is equally rich in food. Though meaningfully influenced by its neighbors, India and China, the Nepali cuisines possess its uniqueness. You simply can’t leave Nepal without trying some of its delicacies. Gundruk is recognised as the national dish of Nepal. It is a mixture of pickled green-leafy vegetables which is relished as a side dish with the main course meal. Momo is a popular snack that can be bought on every corner and is worth trying many times. It is typically served with a red chilli sauce and can be filled with a great variety of vegetables and meat. Other well-known Nepali foods include chatamari, Sel Roti, Thukpa, etc.

7. One of the fascinating things about Nepal is the splendid interconnections of the main roads and the underpasses. The cities are intensely connected and you have only short distances to travel to cities and villages in Nepal. These trails simply make your vacation an exhilarating one as you are not restricted by long distances and the trails are safe.

8. Nepal is home to eight tallest mountains of the world. You can trek to the highest mountain of the world, Mt Everest and to the world’s deepest gorge, Kali Gandaki gorge. If you’re a trekking fanatic, Nepal will leave you breathless with its wide range of mountains. Other activities which you could relish are Paragliding in Pokhara, 500ft bungee jump in Bhote Koshi River, rafting, zip-lining, hiking, cannoning, rock climbing, and jungle safari.

9. Nepal is a perfect place for people seeking serenity. A Nepal tour itself is a trip to inner peace. You can be easily enthralled by the serenity of the countryside, but even a leisure walk around the neighborhood of Thamel in Kathmandu gives you some breather. The lake city Pokhara is also a delightful place to unwind where you can get unspoiled air, gaze at the serene lake, or admire the captivating snow peaks.

10. Nepal is the best vacation trip of your life in a reasonable price. You may also enjoy ordinary discounts offered by a range of lodges or hotels and several tour operators. But I prefer if you arrange of your own it is much more cost effective.

11. Nepal is widely known for the beautiful Himalayas. You can get peaks of mountains right from your Kathmandu hotels. Or just a few kilometers from Kathmandu, you can visit Nagarkot, the hill station to watch the Himalayas glistening in the first sunlight of the day.

12. Nepal is a place where every religion can flourish. Nepal’s main religion is Hinduism, followed by Bhuddhism. However, with time the religion has been widely spread with Muslims and Christians joining in this lovely parade. Nepalese are respectful of each other’s religion.

13. Travelers seeking a more homely experience in homestays. You get to know local people, see how they really live, and explore more rural lifestyle.

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14. With a large number of ethnic groups come a large number of festivities which is amazing. The main festival of Hindus is Dashain which is celebrated in October. Nepal has a large number of religions so a large number of festivals are celebrated.

15. If you do want to stay somewhere more high-class, there are plenty of wonderful options in Nepal. Most are concentrated in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and the Chitwan National Park, but beautiful boutique hotel can also be seen in smaller towns like Bandipur and Nagarkot.

why you should visit Nepal at least once in your lifetime

16. Holi, the festival of colors is one of the biggest festivals of Nepal. Holi is celebrated as the spring arrives and the winter comes to an end. This is a festival to play with colors and laugh and love.

17. A majority of Nepalis (more than 80%) follow Hinduism. In fact, until it became a republic, Nepal was the only Hindu kingdom in the world.

18. Worlds 8 of the 10 highest mountains are situated in Nepal. They are Mt Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and Annapurna. With the majority of the highest Himalayas, Nepal is best for climbing mountains. If you’re an enthusiastic climber then you should consider Nepal.

19. Nepal may not be on a par with Paris or New York when it comes to its museums, but there are a number of museums in Kathmandu and Pokhara that you shouldn’t miss. The Patan Museum is the most outstanding, and offers a thorough introduction to the culture and architecture of the Kathmandu Valley.

20. Nepal is a landlocked country so everywhere you go you see hills and mountains. A mountain flight is beyond one’s imagination, because you’ve never seen anything like it before. Only a bird gets to see this glorious view and you’re up close within minutes of being airborne. Enjoy a close look at some of the world’s highest peaks including Mt. Everest and go home with incredible pictures because everyone gets a window seat! 

21. There’s nothing quite like seeing the sun rise or set behind the tallest mountains on earth. Popular places to see the sun at either dawn or in dusk from places like Nagarkot, Kathmandu, Sarangkot and Pokhara.

why you should visit Nepal at least once in your lifetime

22.  Shopping can be very rewarding and thrilling in Kathmandu. There are many tourist shops on the main streets and in the hotel arcades packed with alluring jewelry, statues, and other typical Nepalese handicraft.

23. Nepal has never been under any foreign invasion, so it has no ‘Independence Day’.

24. If you want to try your luck at a game of chance, you will not be disappointed. Kathmandu, has many exciting casinos to offer to its tourists. The best thing is that these casinos are open on all days of the week for 24 hours!

25. Though alcohol in Nepal is generally called raksi, the original brew is made from millet, rice, barley, or wheat passed through a distillation process. Also named kodo, tin pani raksi can pack a punch.

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So what are you waiting for? Book that ticket now! To help you experience all that Nepal is famous for, I have put together the most in-depth Nepal travel guide. So read on, friends. For any query, put it in comment box given below.



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