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17 reasons why to visit Arunachal Pradesh at least once in your lifetime


If we sit to plan our holiday destinations, Arunachal Pradesh’s name comes at the end of the list generally. Here I am going to discuss why to visit Arunachal Pradesh at least once in your lifetime. Arunachal Pradesh, home to scenic mountains, unexplored passes, serene lakes and renowned monasteries, Arunachal Pradesh is a remarkable destination for a remarkable holiday.

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Arunachal Pradesh is the perfect state for you if you wish to discover the tribal culture and the simplicity of their attractive beauty. Its amazing collection of flora and fauna, in an exceptional habitat with glaciers, high altitude passes and sub-tropical forests add to the charisma of the beautiful state.

In south Arunachal Pradesh is bordered by Assam, on the west by Bhutan, on the north and northeast by China, and on the east by Myanmar. Arunachal Pradesh is additionally called the “Orchid State of India”. More than 500 species of birds have been recorded to be found in this state, many of which are highly endangered and restricted to this state. For the most part, Arunachal Pradesh is covered with tranquil mountains that offer one a wonderful view during the winters. As the snow covers the peaks of these mountains, flora and fauna display a state of serenity and cleanliness in the region. The crafty, however ancient folks of the state welcome one and every one with a smile on their faces and love and warmth in their hearts.

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In my case, personally I want to say the main reason to visit Arunachal Pradesh is that it was my birthplace. I was born at Pasighat. Situated at the eastern foothills of the Himalayas at 155 meters higher than mean water level, Pasighat is Arunachal’s oldest town. The Government of India included Pasighat within the smart Cities Mission development theme in June, 2017. Pasighat was founded in 1911 A.D. by the British as a gateway to administrative convenience of the greater Abor Hills. Primarily there have been settlements of Adi tribesmen who are still living within the villages in and around Pasighat. The rain bearing wind gets barred by the hills and brings exceptionally serious rain from June to Sep. The river emerges from the foothills below the name of Dihang or Siang in Pasighat. It enters the plains from here, in the west of Sadiya town in Arunachal Pradesh.

As my father was a central government employee we had to move a lot. From Pasighat we moved to Itanagar the state capital (that time union territory).We spent 8 years in Arunachal Pradesh. Honestly speaking I revisited Arunachal Pradesh to see my old town, my old school, and our old quarter where we stayed and of course new unexplored places of state.

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To an enthusiastic tourist Arunachal Pradesh opened up doors and put them into a world of loveliness and motivation. You really can’t miss visiting this diverse state filled with culture and resonance. Here are the 17 reasons why to visit to Arunachal Pradesh at least once in your lifetime.

Why to visit Arunachal Pradesh

1. Awesome scenic beauty

This is a world to amazing beauty where you can get the real sympathy. The tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh are the amazing vacation destinations. The state is itself so large enough that you can’t explore well, on a single tour. Arunachal Pradesh is a good state for you to explore the tribal culture. Here you can find the simplicity of their exquisite beauty. Additionally, here are the remarkable arrays of flora and fauna, the unique glaciers, and along with anything the sub-tropical forests are adding the real charm to the peaceful state.

2.Pollution free

Arunachal Pradesh has the greenest grass, the tallest snowcapped mountains, the crystal clear flowing rivers and the freshest air. When I first reached in Naharlagun station, I noticed just how clean everything was. Entire route was so unspoiled compared to the rest of India. There was hardly any rubbish, pollution or towns that were built up and crowded. There weren’t many cars or horns that would make your ears bleed.

3.State of serenity

Here you can listen pin drop silence literally. The population of Arunachal Pradesh in the year 2018 as per estimated data is 1.6836 Million. The population density is seventeen persons per sq. km. In the current decade, Arunachal Pradesh has a growth of 25.92% as far as aggregate population. The most essential decade growth as far as the population has been recorded in Kurung Kumey area. Arunachal Pradesh is one among India’s largest states with the littlest population, so you can relish in the space and the room to just relax and breathe.

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4. Unseen Himalayas

The Himalayas covers a wide area across many countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet but Arunachal Pradesh has some of the best places to view them. The chain ranges that stretch up to the eastern Arunachal separate it from Tibet. The ranges encompass toward Nagaland, and form a boundary between India and Burma in Changlang and Tirap district, working as a natural barrier called Patkai Bum Hills. They are low mountains compared to the bigger Himalayas.

5. Tawang Monatery

With more than 50 buildings and several temples, the complex of Tawang Monastery is one of the largest settlements in Arunachal Pradesh. Hence, it is also one of the most visited places in the state. It is the largest monastery in the world and second largest in the world. The monastery 3 storied high.

6. The awesome Sela Pass

With an elevation of about 13680 feet, Sela Pass is located in between the Tawang and West Kemang districts and is one of the most beautiful places in the state. If you’re trying forward to experiencing the most effective of snow in Northeast India, then this high-altitude pass is that the place you ought to visit this winter. As per the native legend, the region in and around Sela Pass is home to over a hundred scared lakes; thus, it is also considered as a holy place among Buddhist here. So, what do you think about a tour of this incredible invention? Here, you can literally feel clouds moving past your head.

7. Paradise for alcoholics

Alcohol is pretty low-cost as a result of it’s nontaxable  in Arunachal Pradesh. There are many liquor stalls in various areas of Arunachal Pradesh. Whisky, brandy, rum, beer, wine are easily available. Please note that the wine retailers stay shut on Wednesday. So arrange it accordingly. Kingfisher beer bottle is Rs. 60 whereas in Kolkata it is Rs.120. Whiskey at least 50% less I found.

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8. Staying home-stays with local people

The idea of staying in Arunachal Pradesh homestay is wonderful for travelers who want to experience the culture and lifestyle of a particular place. Homestay could be a community-based conception that provides you a good likelihood to mingle with locals and live the approach they live. Additionally, a hotel staff won’t know a place better than a homestay-host. Your host will take you to places that aren’t commercial and intensely beautiful. Your host can also cook delicious and accurate cuisine you hardly get in a hotel. By staying in a family-run accommodation, you’re also supporting Eco-tourism, which eventually improves local livelihoods.

9. Fascinating view of Nuranang or Jang fall

Nuranang fall (also called bong bong Fall), is located in the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh. It is one among the foremost spectacular waterfalls in this a part of the country, yet is unknown to many travelers. It lies some a pair of kilometers far from the city of Jang on the road connecting Tawang and Bomdila, so it is also known as the Jang Falls. There is a small hydel plant set close to the bottom that generates electricity for local use.

10. Offbeat destination

You will get chance to explore through the plethora of beautiful cities and can pay the visit to the spiritual as well as other man-made hidden treasures that are designed by the innovative artist of this winsome sate of an India. Beside the natural wildlife, Arunachal Pradesh is blessed with some unmatched destinations that you cannot afford to miss at any cost. Some of the hidden gems that you can explore on the land of this tranquil destination. You can explore offbeat destinations like Dirang, Tenga, Dambook, Anini, Dong or Mayodia Pass.

11. Trekkers ecstasy

Adventure seekers are regular visitors who come here to explore the numerous trekking routes located in the mountains. For trekkers, the Bomdila-Tawang area offers enormous scope. The area around Tawang is both interesting and challenging for trekkers. Starting from Jang, one can trek to Mago passing through a breathtaking jungle where one can see some superb waterfalls. The best months for trekking are May and October. Some additional fascinating trekking routes are: Bomdila-Seppa, Along-Mechuka, Daporijo-Taksing, Pasighat-Tuting, Pasighat-Mariang, Daporijo-Along and Bomdila-Daimara-via-Ramlingam and Chakku.

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12. River rafting

Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh may be a new found thrill. The Land of Rising Sun, Arunachal Pradesh has been endued with swift mighty rivers flowing straight from range of mountains origins. These rivers are among the best in the world for river rafting sports. Flowing through several highs and lows, the variation of the landscape challenges the body and spirit of the adventure enthusiast. River rafting in Arunachal Pradesh takes you on an exciting ride through foaming froth rapids of Grade one to Grade four. The river flows though lush jungles, rocky banks, green valleys and tribal settlements, offering excitement lasting a lifetime.

13. Bird watching

The eastern corner of India – Arunachal Pradesh has a lot many reasons that make it a part of every traveler’s bucket list. It’s the land of the rising sun for the entire subcontinent and has interlocked snowcapped mountains, fascinating tribal culture, a wealth of fairs and festivals. But it’s the wealth of birds that are spotted here makes it one-of-its-kind. Arunachal Pradesh has an exceptional richness in avian diversity. A few of the protected areas that are value a special mentioned once it involves bird watching are Zemithang, Sangti Valley, Baily Trails, Tawang area, Nameri, Dirang, Sela pass, Shangti Valley, Mandala, Eagle nest, and Bhalukpong. Overall, there are twenty five notified necessary Bird Areas in Arunachal Pradesh. Only in West Kameng and Tawang Districts, one can spot hundreds of avian species including many migratory and endangered ones.

Amongst all these, one of the most prominent birdwatching spots in Arunachal Pradesh is Mandala-Phudung forest region, which also happens to be an Important Bird Area (IBA). This area is especially known for its bird species like Gould’s Shortwing, Brown Bush Warbler, Blanford’s Rosefinch, Temminck’s Tragopan, and White-bellied Redstart. Sela Pass at an altitude of 3,500 to 4,500 meters is also one of the great birding destinations. Some of the key bird species that one can see in Sela Pass are Blood Pheasant, Snow Partridge, Himalayan Monal, Gould’s Shortwing, Grandala, Tibetan Blackbird, White-browed Tit Babbler, three species of Grosbeaks, and species of Rosefinches. Eaglenest, which is rated as one of the best birding sites in the world, is also a good place to go for birding with over 650 bird species in & surrounding forest of the sanctuary.

14. Tribal tour of Arunachal Pradesh

An experimental road journey through the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, blessed with generous rain and tropical forests – you will travel across the central tribal belt of the state to discover the followers of Donyi-Polo; worshipers of Sun & Moon. In the outstandingly landscaped valley of Ziro, you will meet the Apatanis, peaceful hill-people who still give importance to their ancient maintainable ways of life and customs. Land management could be a high priority for the tribe as homes are designed getting ready to one another and paddy farms amazingly also rear fish. They even have associate native salt for their iodine consumption, prepared from ashes of certain burnt plants. Conservation, productivity and respect for nature are at the core of their culture. Even today, the elder tribeswomen can still be seen in their traditional dresses, bearing tattoos, and large nose-plugs when it comes to women. In Ziro, your stay will be in homestay with a local family, thus giving you a deeper insight into the lives of these distant people.

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In the Subansiri valley, you will find the Tagins. Smoking skillfully handcrafted pipes and wearing handwooven cane hats, they appear proud, like kings of their land. In the Siang Valley, in the most impressive of countryside, you will meet the Adi sub-tribes, a warrior tribe justly proud of trapping British influences many a time during colonial era. Here, the Siang River forms a mighty valley as it enters from the high plateaus of Tibet after having crossed about a thousand miles from its source, the holy Mount Kailash.

15. Wildlife

Arunachal Pradesh is that the excellent destination if you’re a wildlife enthusiast. This destination has several tourist attractions covered with affluent sanctuaries as well as national parks. Having many rich flora and over five hundred species of fauna Arunachal is that the final place to go to for life tourism. There are eight wildlife reserves in Arunachal Pradesh and therefore the notable should visit wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are Pakhui wildlife Sanctuary, Kane Wildlife Sanctuary, Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, Mouling National Park, Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Dr, D. Ering Memorial wildlife Sanctuary, Dihang-Debang Biosphere Reserve and Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary. The largest state in Northeast in terms of area, Arunachal Pradesh is blooming with natural environs. The lush green meadows and archers of woodlands offer an ideal shelter to a number of the rare animals and birds.

16. Rich history

Arunachal has become full-fledged State on Feb 20, 1987. Till 1972, it was known as the North- East Frontier Agency (NEFA). It gained the Union Territory status on Jan 20, 1972 and renamed as Arunachal Pradesh. On August 15, 1975 an elected Legislative Assembly was constituted and the first council of Ministers assumed office. The first election to the Assembly was held in Feb 1978.

Administratively, the State is divided into sixteen districts. Capital of the State is Itanagar in Papumpare district. Itanagar is named after Ita fort meaning fort of bricks, build in the 14th century AD. Arunachal Pradesh find mentioned in the literature of Kalika Purana and Mahabharta. This place is the Prabhu Mountains of Puranas. It was here the sage Parashuram atoned of his sin, sage Vyasa meditated, King Bhismaka based his kingdom and Lord Krishna married his Consort Rukmini. The extensively distributed archeological remains at different places in Arunachal Pradesh bear testimony to its rich culture and heritage.

17. Photographer’s paradise

why to visit Arunachal Pradesh

India is a country of immense beauty and magnificence. There are certain places which have to be captured in order to be able to cherish those memories forever and to be able to keep going back to them whenever you reminisce those times. Unrestricted, the beauty of our country ranges from hills and valleys to beaches and lakes, from regal historical remnants to iconic buildings.


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