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15 tricks to get a cheap rooms in a star hotel or resort


Staying could be a major part of traveling notably after you are together with your family. For a family vacation, you can’t pay night merely in a home stay or in hostels. You have to go looking and establish good staying choices there. Better the hotel better the price. But you don’t perpetually able to pay a hefty amount on hotel bookings. A few hacks will assist you to cut this price. So what should you do? To help you save money on accommodation, here are a number of tricks that I mentioned in my article, “15 tricks to get a cheap rooms in a star hotel or resort”.

Keep scrolling down to see what techniques you can apply.

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tricks to get a cheap room in a star hotel or resort

1. Call the hotel directly

Calling up the hotel desk and asking them their rates can definitely benefit you more than simply booking online on their website. So instead of browsing through 100 different sites to crack a deal matching your need, pick the hotel you like and give them a call. They can give an exclusive package along with an additional discount. Things like a free pick up and drop from station/airport, late checkout, free breakfast, and free Wi-Fi can be asked when you speak to the hotel staff than booking online.

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2. Mention if you are a loyal customer

Hotels generally give an extra discount to their loyal customers. Brand loyalty always wins so, make sure you pick a chain of hotels you like and stay in their properties wherever you go. Let them know that you have stayed with them before even if it was part of a business trip or a family holiday. This should help in getting a good deal.

3. Check the tariffs offered by multiple portals

What I do regarding my hotel search, I search for hotels on both Google and TripAdvisor. You will get an option to book on either site. Fill in your check-in and check-out dates and see the rates offered by their partner websites. In order to make sure you are getting the maximum discount, check out Trivago. This portal provides a detailed listing of the rates offered by multiple booking websites, for each hotel. Trust me, there’s no better way to filter your choice of hotel.

4. Look for price drops

Another trick is to wait for price drops. According to hotel and travel experts, Friday afternoon sees the biggest drop in price, whereas Tuesday evening sees an amazing increase. After a thorough survey Kayak reveals the best day and time to book a hotel. They found supply and demand play a major role with prices, which are at their peak Monday through Wednesday. Searches and prices start to decrease the closer it gets to the weekend, with prices at their lowest Fridays through Saturdays (when 23% – 30% fewer people are searching).
Summary of Kayak’s Global Hotel Study findings for domestic travel
The cheapest day to book a hotel Friday/Saturday.
Most expensive day to book a hotel Tuesday.
Cheapest hotel check-in day Sunday.
Most expensive hotel check-in day Friday.
Cheapest hotel check-out day Friday.
Most expensive hotel check-out day Sunday.

5. Beware of hidden taxes and charges

how to book star hotels cheap in india

Some brokers hide the actual value of a stay till the ultimate booking page. In some cases, the first time you will find out an actual figure is at the hotel. In India Hotels and lodges with a tariff below Rs 1,000, a day was exempted from GST, while those with a room rate of Rs 1,000-2,500 were taxed at 12%, those with a tariff of Rs 2,500-7,500 can attract 18% tax and people higher than Rs 7,500 will be taxed at 28%. Even if a website says that taxes at a specific share rate apply on top of the value displayed, you may not find out the actual cost until later. This can mean that some sites unfairly come up least expensive once you are looking. Even comparison sites generally show the worth minus taxes, thus every time click through to check the ultimate value before selecting.

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6. If you book with free cancellation, you can save if the price drops

how to book star hotels cheap in india

Whether you’ve booked via a travel agent, direct or online with the hotel, often you’re able to cancel for free up to a certain point, typically 24-48 hours before your stay starts. If you book or have booked a room, you can save by canceling if the price drops after you’ve booked. Simply cancel the original booking, and then rebook at the cheaper price. Often this can work with the site you booked with. Most booking sites and hotel websites give you a non-refundable and free cancellation option for each room type. Non-refundable rooms tend to be cheaper, so you’ll need to measure the profit /loss ratio.

7. Some sites have price promises and will refund the difference

Whether you have booked via a broker, direct or on-line with the hotel, typically you are able to cancel without charge up to a particular purpose, usually, 24-48 hours before your stay starts. If you book or have booked a room, you’ll save by canceling if the value drops once you have booked. merely cancel the first booking, so rebook at the cheaper value. typically this may work with the positioning you booked with. Most booking sites and hotel websites provide you with a non-refundable and free cancellation choice for every room type. Non-refundable rooms tend to be cheaper, thus you will need to measure the profit /loss ratio. Some sites have value guarantees and can refund the distinction Some sites selling price guarantees, guaranteeing to refund the distinction if the worth of the hotel you have booked drops before your keep, otherwise you find it cheaper elsewhere. Thus even if you did not book with free cancellation, you will still be ready to get a reimbursement. The comparable hotel should be on precisely the same terms as your original booking. As an example- www.booking.com needs you to pay very cheap value potential for your product and repair of selection. must you notice your property of selection booked through the Platform, with a similar Trip condition, at a lower rate on the web once you have got created a reservation through them, then they’re going to match the difference between their rate and also the lower rate under the terms and conditions of we price Match. They typically ask for the link. I actually have been refunded once by booking.com because of the mentioned policy.

8. Opposites work

The rule of opposites states that you just ought to build your reservation contrary to what the majority will. Hotels in business districts are low-cost throughout the weekends and resorts are reasonable throughout the weekdays. This is often a result of the previous ones are inhabited during the weekdays and also the later, throughout the weekends. If you follow the other rule, you may be ready to crack the best deal obtainable.

9. Secret Deals

cheap rooms in a star hotel

Secret Hotels or Mystery Hotels can be found on booking sites such as www.lastminute.com and wotif.com. These deals offer rates so low that hotels don’t reveal their identity until after the room has been booked. Five-star Secret Hotels, in particular, offer exceptional value as their high rates allow for deep discounting. A “secret” or “mystery” hotel deal is a great way to save money and inject excitement into your life (or not, as it’s often possible to guess the hotel from the deal description on the website).

10. At the time of confirmation bidding

Verify directly with the hotel after booking through an online booking website (e.g. booking.com). This is easy to do and well worth it. Occasionally, you’ll get an even better room than if you hadn’t contacted them. For example, if you send an email saying something like this, “I just booked a room with your hotel on Booking.com. I wanted to confirm my booking and make sure you didn’t need any more information. We’re a family of 5 so really need this to go smoothly. Thanks.” At the very least it lets the staff know you’ll need a bigger room. Maybe it won’t change anything but occasionally some of the time it will.

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11. Book in advance during peak season

And if you vacation only during the peak holiday season, you should make sure that you book a room in advance. Because in as peak season comes the close price of hotels sores high. So once you decide your destination, make sure you book a stay at the earliest.

12. Book within the cancelation period

A hotel’s cancellation period can be defined as a period of 24 to 48 hours prior to the scheduled stay. Many last-minute cancellations increase the availability of the rooms at a lower price. Though a risky bet, in many cases it works at the time of the offseason. Compare it online and call the hotel directly for an extra discount.

13. Negotiate to get the best deal

cheap rooms in a star hotel

Above all, learn the art of negotiating. Bargain your way to get a good deal. Be polite and ask the hotel staff if they can offer any discount as it is slightly over your budget. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no. And if you don’t get a discount, you might be able to get a few things that are usually chargeable in the bargain.

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14. Don’t book suites and super deluxe rooms

In luxury hotels, even the low-end rooms are just as high-class. They have good space, a homely interior, a cozy mattress, and great room service. So, don’t get carried away in the name of luxury. Don’t book suites, super deluxe, and other premium rooms. Stick to the regular ones.

15. Sign up for hotel newsletters to find promotional deals

cheap rooms in a star hotel

Most top hotels have a newsletter or a loyalty program that you can sign up to avail discounts and promotional deals. Many hotels come up with packages during festive seasons to stay ahead of their competitors. You can make use of these deals and get a great bargain in return. Make sure you sign up for it to keep a tab on their latest offers.

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Conclusion for tricks to get a cheap room in a star hotel or resort

Most enthusiastic travelers avoid spending too much on accommodations. The simple reason is, money saved here, is money earned for another trip. No doubt, safety, and comfort are two things that must never be compromised upon. And, if you follow my tricks you can easily go of a few extra luxuries.

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