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12 reasons why I have visited the Kingdom of Bhutan


When I first started researching concerning and told my friends that I’m interested to visit Bhutan everybody was curious and asked me “Why Bhutan”!!! I used to be not thus positive on what to answer them apart from the statistical report I browse on google. Here I am mentioning 12 reasons why I have visited the Kingdom of Bhutan.

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1. No visa is needed

Citizens of India, Maldives, and Bangladesh require no visa or entry fees to travel in Kingdom of Bhutan and are the only nationals that have the allow for freelance travel.

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2. The Kingdom of  Bhutan isn’t terribly overpriced to Indians

With a tariff $250/tourist (except for tourists traveling from India, Bangladesh, & Maldives) to be spent on a daily basis makes Kingdom of Bhutan seem jointly of the foremost pricy destinations. However, the quantity includes accommodation, food, transport, and an official guide. However individuals from India, Bangladesh, & Maldives can travel there as per their budget.

3. The wonder of Kingdom of Bhutan

Bhutan is filled with greenery because it is needed by law to stay over 60 % of the country wooded. Be it’s the natural great thing about the mighty Himalaya and wide rice-field landscapes or the spectacular design of antique monasteries and homes, Bhutan could be a treat for your eyes, body, and soul. It additionally makes for a fine-looking pilgrim destination for those with a spiritual inclination. Moreover, here and what you get could be a tempting vacation destination simply accessible from India.

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4. Happiness is that the key to Bhutan’s tourism

Gross National Happiness (GNH) is a philosophy that guides the Govt of the Kingdom of Bhutan. It includes an index that is used to live the collective happiness and well-being of a population.  The four pillars of GNH’s are 1) sustainable and equitable socio-economic development; 2) environmental conservation; 3) preservation and promotion of culture; and 4) good governance.

5. Land of monasteries and fortresses

Bhutan is a land of monasteries, fortresses, and geographical diversities like steep mountains, and valleys. Its spectacular natural scenery attracts guests from numerous parts of the planet. The Kingdom of Bhutan is understood for maintaining unity through its wealthy tradition. Each side of the Bhutanese lifestyle reflects the teachings of Buddhism.

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6. Outstanding diversity

While you travel through Kingdom of Bhutan you’ll notice steep and high mountains crisscrossing by networks of swift rivers. The extra-ordinary geographical diversity and therefore the various climate conditions play a crucial role to Bhutan’s outstanding diversity and ecosystems, that are value seeing.

7. Culture and Society

Bhutanese tradition is deeply steeped in its Buddhist heritage, be it the dress (The national dress for Bhutanese men, Kho and for ladies Kira), the language (Bhutanese or Dzongkha), the cultural activities (including masked dances, dance dramas amid ancient music at festivals) or its national sport archery, that you’ll have a feel of once you visit the Kingdom of Bhutan. Also, you’ll get to visualize a convention in Bhutanese families wherever inheritance is mostly more experienced the females instead of the males i.e. the daughters inherit their parents’ house and therefore the man is predicted to create his own approach within the world and is asked to move to his wife’s home. Another distinct feature includes polygamy. Though rare, it’s accepted so as to stay the property in exceedingly contained relations instead of dispersing it. Polygamy is legal in the Kingdom of Bhutan relating to the consent of future wives. There’s no legal recognition granted to polygamous spouses below the civil law of the Kingdom of Bhutan or customary law. Girls in the Kingdom of Bhutan could by custom be married to many husbands; however, they’re allowed just one legal husband.

8. Souvenirs

Hand-woven textiles, Yatras or Yethras (colorful strips of wool fabric, colored with natural colors, that are accustomed to produce blankets, jackets, luggage, and carpets), Buddhist paintings (usually fabricated from cloth), stamps (as the Kingdom of Bhutan is claimed to be the “philatelist paradise”) with elaborate pictures, bright and spirited colors and with a high numismatic price, brass statues of assorted Buddhas, saints, Vajra bells, Dorje bells used for spiritual rituals, cymbals, Bhutanese violins, Tibetan trumpets and prayer wheels (which are a preferred selection amongst the tourists) are the varied souvenirs that you simply could pick up from the markets of Kingdom of Bhutan.

9. Tiger’s Nest monastery

Paro Taktsang or Tiger’s Nest could be a distinguished range Buddhist sacred site and therefore the temple advanced is found within the Cliffside of the higher Paro valley in the Kingdom of Bhutan. A temple advanced was 1st inbuilt 1692, round the Taktsang Senge Samdup cave wherever Guru Padmasambhava is claimed to own meditated for 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, and 3 hours within the eighth century. Padmasambhava is credited with introducing Buddhism to the Kingdom of Bhutan and is that the protective immortal of the country. Today, Paro Taktsang is that the best acknowledged of the 13 takt sang or “tiger lair” caves during which he meditated.

10. Festivals

Although the Kingdom of Bhutan is one of all the foremost exceptional wildernesses on earth, the country is truly most illustrious for its glowing spiritual festivals called Tshechus. Each temple and Dzong within the country holds one Tshechu each twelvemonth. Tshechu’s are passing vital events within the Bhutanese calendar and full villages and cities move to sing, dance, drink and receive blessings. It’s believed that every single Bhutanese person should take part in a minimum of one masked dance to clean away their sins.

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11. Bhutanese Cuisine


Bhutanese preparation employs a great deal of red rice, buckwheat, and more and more maize. The diet within the hills additionally includes chicken, yak meat, dried beef, pork, pork fat, and lamb. Soups and stews of meat, rice, ferns, lentils, and dried vegetables, spiced with chili peppers and cheese, are a favorite meal throughout the cold seasons. Zow shungo could be a rice dish mixed with leftover vegetables. Ema datshi could be a spicy dish created with massive, inexperienced chili peppers in an exceedingly punk sauce, which could be known as the national dish for its presence and therefore the pride that Bhutanese have for it. Cheese made of cow’s milk known as datshi is rarely devoured raw however accustomed create sauces.

12. Less Pollution


If one is uninterested in living in urban surroundings wherever pollution could be a headache, Kingdom of Bhutan is that the best place to go-to for peace of mind. Individuals are environmentally aware. The wonder of nature still persists, providing contemporary and pure air for individuals to breathe.

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However currently I am happy that I have taken a right decision to visit Kingdom of Bhutan. It’s a tiny country with lovely scenery alongside its distinctive culture to supply the food for mind to each individual. Once I was researching I couldn’t notice a visit report denote by any Indian traveler, therefore I believed of posting it and that I hope it’ll be helpful to travelers apart from Indians likewise. Be at liberty to present your valuable feedback within the comment section mentioned below.

Joen pa Leg thus Bhutan


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