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10 reasons why you must visit Ladakh


Ladakh is a land of contrasts. The tough brown mountains and the sky with a shade of blue you will never see anywhere else. The cold, unforgiving winters and the warmth of the Ladakhis as they say “Jullay”. Ladakh is not just another destination but is a crosscut to a landscape that is a slice of solitude on Earth. Question may come in your mind is ladakh worth visiting? You might be a skeptic traveler who is still worried about visiting Ladakh because of its altitude and remote location but here are 10 reasons why you must visit Ladakh now or never.

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1. Unique Landscape

Ladakh, the land of high passes never ceases to captivate you with its breathtaking landscapes and beauteous views. The topography in Ladakh vividly changes every few kilometers and the same place can never look the same when you return. From green valleys to the Rocky Mountains, snow-clad peaks to mighty glaciers, geothermal hot springs to babbling rivers, blue lakes to the rainbow mountains- Ladakh has every element to intrigue your inquisitiveness.  Read on as we present you with some of the best views we encountered during our interlude at Ladakh.

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2. Barren Mountains

The Ladakh region along with Zanskar region is a part of a rain-shadow area due to the fact that it is bounded by huge Himalayan mass which denies entry of the moisture-laden clouds of the Indian monsoon. Ladakh is thus, a high altitude desert with practically no vegetation. This contributes to the fact that the Ladakhi Mountains are so barren and nothing like other areas of the Himalayas.

3. High altitude passes

why you must visit Ladakh

La” that means pass and “dhak” which means many of them. So, Ladakh is the land of excessive passes. So lacking out any of them over a holiday would be a large crime. particularly for those referred to as adrenaline continues on rushing as these passes are the doorways to the greatest and highest mountains and peaks of Ladakh. nowadays they stand as iconic attractions of Ladakh however originally, they had been construct for trade motive among India and South- Asian nations such as Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. Presently, these passes are of super importance for the military people as they use them to supply food, fuel, and ammunition to soldiers standing tall on the borders. Furthermore, those high mountain passes play the first-rate role inside the boom of tourism in Ladakh.
There are numerous mountain passes in Ladakh however just a few are on hand to vacationers. among most of these, the maximum iconic one is Khardung La. At a top of 17,582 ft, Khardung la pass is one the very best motorable road on planet earth. It turned into constructed in 1976 and acts as a crucial gateway to the Shyok and Nubra valleys. If Khardung la is iconic then Chang la is splendid. Connecting Leh city and the enduring Pangong Lake, Chang la is one of the most stunning passes in India. For adventure activities, motorbikers commonly choose Zoji la pass, which connects Ladakh to Sonamarg in Kashmir.

4. Adventure tourism

Ladakh is adorned with several mountain ranges and high peaks, wild rivers, and challenging topography and trails invite adventure lovers to put to test their strength and limit. Gradually revealing its hidden gems, Ladakh opens door to a new adventure practically every single day. We cannot ignore the fact that one of its kind destinations is home to Frozen River/Chadar Trek, which every adrenaline lover wish to accomplish. Ladakh also hugs experiential who dedicate themselves to the fresh way of performing a particular adventure. Among the most popular adventure activities in Ladakh remain peak climbing and trekking. The whimsical rivers in Ladakh gift adventurists a chance to feel the adrenaline rush with best of best whitewater river rafting adventure. And that’s not all, camping; motorbiking and mountain biking also allure one to be tried making Ladakh tour an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

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5. Cold desert

Barren lands with extremely low temperatures are referred to as cold deserts like Antarctica, which is the most important cold barren region in the earth. Ladakh in India is a cold desolate tract that lies in the wonderful Himalayas on the eastern side of Jammu and Kashmir. Ladakh is surrounded through the Ladakh range and the Karakoram range in the north, and the Zanskar Mountains and the exceptional Himalayas in the south. Ladakh is located at a peak of 3000 meters in Kargil to over 8000 meters within the Karakoram; this excessive altitude is the cause for the extraordinarily cold weather. Owing to the excessive altitude, the air is so thin that the heat of the sun can be felt intensely i.e. one could experience freezing winds and excessive sunlight at the equal time.

6. Double-humped (Bactrian) camel rides

This unique safari has continually proved to be a captivating part of a Ladakh go to. The ‘ship of the barren region’ is something more than just a mode of transport inside the frozen desert of Ladakh. It might be the most extremely good experience of your journey, rolling at the back of a camel exploring the distant regions and villages of the Nubra Valley.

Double Humped Bactrian Camels provide the maximum enthralling trip in Nubra Valley. These double-humped camels were earlier utilized by traders as loading animals to load spices, fruits, clothes, and so forth. For the ultimate 50 years, they were bred from the tourism point of view. They can convey two to three adults at a time and may travel for miles. In the past few years, these camels have emerged as the hot favorites among tourists for camel safaris.

7. Homestay experience

It is said that Ladakh will always give you some of the best memories of your life. While you are visiting this magical land called Ladakh, you will definitely want to stay in a perfect place. Most of you might be searching for that perfect place with that homely feeling. So a homestay is a perfect option for you. These best homestays in Leh and adjacent towns give you a rare chance to experience individual accommodation of the Ladakhi individuals well inside your financial plan.

8. Buddhist pilgrimage( exploring monasteries and gompas)

The Buddhist religion has a vital impact on the tradition and cultures of Ladakh. Almost everyone in this attractive place on earth is linked with a Buddhist group. And as a result, there are plenty of monasteries all around. Most of these are world-famous and apart from being culturally wise, they’re an architectural delight too. In most of them, there are ancient Tibetan manuscripts, skillfully carved woodwork, and icons of silver and gold. These monasteries are a rare site and must-visit over Ladakh tour.

9.  Cuisine

why you must visit Ladakh

The staple food of Ladakhi people is Sku and Thukpa (made of wheat flour), Pava (made of sattu) and khambir (local bread). Favorites include Thukpa, a thick soup with vegetables that provides a complete meal, and delicious Momos or Mokmoks stuffed with meat or vegetables, accompanied by a fiery chili sauce.

10. Colorful festivals

Ladakh is chiefly inclined by Buddhism and Tibetan culture. Reflection of these two can be best detected during the numerous fairs and festivals, held in the region throughout the year. Also known as small Tibet, Ladakhis celebrate their festivals in a more old-fashioned yet colorful way. In order to feel the real soul of the civilization of Ladakh, it is highly advised that the region must be visited during the festive season. Few famous festivals of Ladakh are Hemis Festival, Thiksey, Karsha, and Spituk Gustor, Stok Guru Tsechu Festival, Phyang Tsedup Festival, Yuru Kabgyat Festival, Sindhu Darshan (Visit Indus) Festival, Ladakh Harvest Festival, Tak -Tok Festival.

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There are numerous reasons to visit Ladakh. It is one of the most wonderful, exciting and tranquil places in the world. This is the place for all. Your teenage child, wife, and everyone else would find this place stimulating. Are you looking for a magical and amusing weekend?

Wish you a happy journey to Ladakh.

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10 reasons why you must visit Ladakh

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Asim -

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যে সাতদিন লে তে ছিলাম, একটা ঘরে একা থাকতাম। ঘরটা একতলার হলেও একটা দেয়াল জোড়া অতি বিশাল কাঁচের জানলা ছিল, সকালে এত রোদ আসত যে অনেকক্ষণ ঘর গরম থাকত। Attached bathroom এ গিজার ছিল, ডবল বেড খাটে খাটের মাপের গোটা তিনেক কম্বল আর গোটা দুয়েক লেপ, মেঝেতে কার্পেট। মানে তোফা ব্যবস্থা। আমার কাছে যা শীতের পোশাক ছিল তাতে অন্ধকার হবার পর একঘন্টা বাইরে বেরনো চলত, তারপর ঠান্ডা এত অসহ্য হয়ে উঠত যে কাঁপতে কাঁপতে পালিয়ে আসতে হত। তাই ঐ সাতটা সাড়ে সাতটার মধ্যে ডিনার সেরে ঘরে ঢুকে পড়তাম, ঠান্ডার জন্য পরদিন সকালে আটটা নটার আগে বেরোতে পারতাম না। এই সময়ে অসম্ভব ডিপ্রেশন হত। মনে হত এই শেষ রাত, আর কাল সকাল অব্দি বাঁচব না, বাড়িওয়ালি আন্টি এসে লাশ বের করবে। আন্টি আমাকে নিজের ছেলের মত ভালবাসত, রোজ রাতে নিয়ম করে এক থার্মোস গরম জল ঘরে দিয়ে যেত। মানে খাদ্য, বস্ত্র, বাসস্থান, ভালোবাসা সব ছিল; তবু এটা হত। পরে জেনেছি এটাও altitude sickness এর একটা রকমফের, মানে variation.
রাতে ঘুম ভাল হত না, ঘুম গভীর হলেই শ্বাসের গতি কমে আসত, আর অক্সিজেনের অভাবে হাঁকপাঁক করে খাবি খেতে খেতে জেগে উঠতাম। তার সাথে ছিল blood loss (নাক দিয়ে) জনিত দুর্বলতা। যখন অবশেষে ঘরের ছেলে ঘরে ফিরে এলাম, ফিরতে আর পারব না এই বিশ্বাসটা এতটা দৃঢ়ভাবে মনে গেঁথে গেছিল যে পুরো দশ মিনিট ধরে সারাবাড়ির দেয়াল, দরজা, আসবাবে হাত বোলাতে হয়েছিল নিজেকে convince করতে যে এটা কোনো স্বপ্ন নয়, আমি সত্যি জীবিত অবস্থায় নিজের বাড়িতে ফিরে এসেছি। চান করতে গিয়ে যখন দেখলাম পুরোটা চান একবারে করতে পারছি, একটুও হাঁফ ধরছে না, আনন্দে বাথরুমের ভেতরে নেচে নিয়েছিলাম; লে তে তো একটা হাতে সাবান ঘষে পাঁচ মিনিট হাঁপাতে হত, সাবান ধুয়ে ফের পাঁচ মিনিট, পুরো চান একঝটকায় করার তো প্রশ্নই ওঠে না।
শেয়ারের সুমোতে শ্রীনগর থেকে লে এসেছিলাম, হু হু করে altitude gain করার কষ্ট হাড়ে হাড়ে বুঝতে বুঝতে। শেষের দিকে আর জ্ঞান ছিল না, বেঁচে আছি না মরে গেছি বুঝতে পারছিলাম না, শরীরের বোধ ছিল না, শুধু একটা অসহ্য ব্যথা মাথায়, যখন একটু হুঁশ আসছিল ব্যথাটা টের পাচ্ছিলাম। তারপর আবার বেহুঁশ, আবার কোনো কষ্ট নেই।
তাই বলছি, acute হোক বা না হোক, mountain sickness যে কি জিনিস, সেটা আমি নিজের অভিজ্ঞতা থেকে খুব ভাল জানি; যদিও এখানে ভাল শব্দটি সুপ্রযুক্ত হল বলে মনে হয় না, “খুব খারাপ জানি” বললে ব্যাপারটা বাস্তবের বেশী কাছাকাছি হত বলে মনে হয়।

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